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Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, is responsible for the unjust and unfair jailing of his former deputy, Mr. Anwar Ibrahim, and Anwar's adopted brother Mr. Sukma Darmawan, after a show trial of unusual and blatant bias. 

Anwar, who was a prominent student leader and also Malaysia's Finance Minister during the period of its most rapid economic growth, had tried to prevent Dr. Mahathir and members of his immediate family and circle of friends, from plundering the national coffers and using public money for their own private gains.  As a result, Anwar, once named heir apparent by Dr Mahathir, was falsely painted as a corrupt sexual deviant.

While under detention, Anwar was beaten half to death by the then Inspector-General of Police, allegedly under orders from Dr. Mahathir.  Only after heavy international and local pressure did Dr. Mahathir finally set up a commission of enquiry, which determined that Anwar did suffer grievous harm from vicious police mistreatment. 

Anwar was then jailed under trumped up charges of corruption and sodomy.  His jail term will extend to 2014 if allowed to take its full course.  Malaysians who protest at Anwar's mistreatment include prominent opposition politicians, former and current members of the Malaysian judiciary, former army officers and Malaysians of all ages from different ethnic and religious backgrounds.  Many of them now suffer from vindictive threats from the government and the police, inculding detention without trial and beatings by the police.

We, the Cambridge Coalition for a Free Malaysia, are determined to prevent Dr. Mahathir from staining the image of the University of Cambridge by using the university as a platform to villify democratic oponents of his regime.  Dr. Mahathir is using the "MALAYSIA IN THE NEW MILLENIUM" Conference organised by the President of the Cambridge University Malaysia Society (CUMAS) to defame Anwar and his supporters. 

CUMAS, under the Presidency of Mr. Tan Khoon Tee of Pembroke College, has become a partisan society which threatens its members who choose to disagree with Dr. Mahathir's draconian measures.  The students have been threatened with the withdrawal of scholarships and financial help.  They have also been warned not to embarass Dr. Mahathir by publicly opposing or questioning his views. Students who insist in exercising their democratic rights to free speech have been warned that their families face severe penalties from the government of Dr. Mahathir. 

The Cambridge Coalition for a Free Malaysia seeks to portray the true story behind Dr. Mahathir's undemocratic regime.  At the current moment, Dr. Mahathir continues to oppress the people of Malaysia, while enjoying his status as a member of the University of Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.  We ask your help in denying Dr. Mahathir a forum to defame his opponents, while keeping them under lock and key as prisoners of conscience.

Please help us to deny Dr. Mahathir a forum in Cambridge on the 7th of October 2000.  Please join our campaign for a Free Malaysia!

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Anwar Ibrahim, 53, is a prisoner of conscience.  He is under a 15 year jail sentence after a show trial held by the regime of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.  To find out more about his struggle please visit http://www.freeanwar.com